The founder and owner of the company Steve Smith has been building and racing since he first got his drivers license. Steve was born in Birmingham, England and began his racing career there with a friend. They raced a Ford Escort all around England for a couple years. When the forgings and press work shop that Steve worked at closed down, he was offered a job on an Indy car team. For two years he traveled around the country pulling many an all-nighter prepping the teams car for race day. After a couple years living in the fast lane Steve decided to settle down. Since the desire to fix cars lingered, Steve decided to found Twincam Sportscars. The name Twincam came from the Lotus Elan 23 he was racing at the time, it was powered by a 1.6L Lotus twin cam.

In 1993 Steve was given the opportunity to move to Sarasota, FL. Although Twincam was a thriving small business in Ft. Lauderdale, Steve packed up and headed to the West coast. The move was not easy, but it didnt take long to get settled out and get the business running again. Now Twincam is in a 15,000 Sq ft shop that, at times, still doesnt seem big enough.

Steve is a devout Christian that believes in truthful dealings. He has two wonderful sons, one is an Engineer at Pratt & Whitney and the other is heading into the Air Force.

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Twincam Sportscars
6060 Deacon Rd Suite C

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