Ginetta G-12

Ginetta is a small British manufacturer that is know for making small light cars. This car was shipped over from England and completely rebuilt into the jewel it is now. There are only about three of these cars in the United States, none of which looks this good. Powerplant is a Lotus 1.6L twin cam.

Ht: 36"

Wt: 1150


Lotus Elan 36

Many are familiar with Lotus, but this Elan is a rare breed. Nicknamed " Blue Noise" this Elan is quick and steers mostly with the back end. Powerplant is a Lotus 1.6L twin cam.

Ht: 44"

Wt: 1440


Crossle 45

A formula style race car that was sipped over from England and built from the chassis up by Twin Cam. This Crossle races SCCA club ford. Powerplant is a Ford 1.6L.

Ht: 36"


HP: 110

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